September 2019

It’s the start of the new year here at Everyone Matters and we’ve certainly started as we mean to go on!

Music Matters

Our lecture-recital series started this month. It was such an amazing way to start the season as we had Margaret giving us such an interesting evening with her Clutter of Clarinets starting with a surprise on her bass clarinet playing the opening to the Sugar Plum Fairy-hardly ever noticed with the familiar tune on top. Moving on to her basset home we heard music from Mozart and Mendelssohn who both liked the basset horn then on to the A and Bb clarinets where Margaret showed her dexterity swapping between the two and managing not to lose her reed! The C clarinet has a real lightness and its surprising its not more widely used in orchestras as it blends so well with flutes and oboes. On to the D clarinet which showed where the name clarinet comes from-little trumpet then a contrast with Margaret’s weapon of war-otherwise known as the Eb clarinet though giving an eerie quality to Ravel’s Bolero. Finally the high Ab clarinet-a tiny simple clarinet used in film scores and in the military. A wonderfully intimate and informative start to the season.

We have a lot of great lecture-recitals coming up, with such a variety of topics. Tickets are £12, or you can buy a season ticket for £57, which is great value. They are held at The Chapel at Whitgift House in Croydon at 7 for 7.30. Please see the attached document for more details about the speakers and the venue.

Clarinets in the Community

Every year, Margaret and David Campbell run the David Campbell Clarinet Weekend at Benslow music. This has been going on for several decades, and normally ends in a final performance at Benslow of the different groups that have been practising. However, this year to celebrate Benslow’s 90th anniversary, the final performance was taken to the Leonard Cheshire home in Hitchin.

33 performers went in total, and it was a superb concert. They have a large activities hall which meant there was plenty of space for wheelchairs and a tea table, meaning many of the residents could attend the concert. 

The feedback has been brilliant and Benslow wrote a lovely piece about the weekend on their website;

A September Music Cocktail

One of our big events this month was our cocktail evening at Langley Park School for Boys. Margaret has been doing this for many years now, and it was as successful as ever.

The event was tied across two days, with several concerts given in care homes during the day, leading to the grand performance on Tuesday Evening. We are very proud of the Langley Boys as they were all very polite and engaged with the residents, with one comment sating ‘the boys were smartly presented and so smart.’

Margaret also decided to link a care home seminar to the performance, to give Margaret and care home activities organisers a chance to discuss what they all want from the concerts Margaret gives. It was a lovely evening, and enjoyed by all that attended.

Thank you to the Good Luck Charitable Trust for helping us with the funding for these projects.

Conversation Pieces

Margaret has different layouts of the concerts she gives care homes. One of the popular styles is her Musical Menu. On the 11th and 12th of this month, Margaret and Jonathan Duke on the piano headed out to several care homes with their musical menu.

We got lots of positive feedback from the concerts performed in the care homes, with all saying they would love to have more concerts from us in the future. We were also thanked for giving such a ‘beautiful concert!’

Arts in Care Homes

The BBC holds a Music Day every year and this year it was on the 26th September. We were very excited to be a part of it this year, and part of its Music and Dementia Initiative. The care homes and day centres we visit often look after people with dementia so it’s exciting to be part of something bigger that help provides music to those suffering from dementia as we know first hand how powerful music can be.

For this project we worked with Langley Park School for Girls and Langley Park School for Boys. After an afternoon of rehearsing on the Monday, the girls and two professionals, along with Margaret, performed two concerts on Tuesday. They were given at Glebe Court Nursing Home and Bertha James Day Centre. Bertha James Day Centre is always a pleasure to work with, and it’s clear they enjoy having us come to perform for them, as they are already getting a request in for a Christmas concert! 

Following these two concerts, the professionals headed off to Baycroft where they met the Langley Boys musicians. They then gave a concert here, followed by a tea and chat. Baycroft are also keen to have us back, which is the biggest complement they can give us!

It was an honour to be part of this initiative, and are proud to be supporting it! Thank you also, to John Morris’ family, as these concerts were given in memory of him, and all that he did.

Alice Britton
Alice Britton is a former pupil of Margaret’s and has worked with Everyone Matters as a young musician for a few years, helping organise and give concerts with other young musicians in special needs schools and care homes. After learning about all the amazing work Margaret and Everyone Matters does, she wanted to help spread the word and so is now the Social Media Manager for the charity, running the Twitter and Facebook pages, and doing the monthly blog.

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