Category: Special Needs

  • Rutherford Summer Club 2016

    Margaret Archibald recalls some highlights of her day at Rutherford School where she and harpist Alexander Thomas were contributing music workshops designed to explore this year’s summer club theme of “Water”.  It really is astonishing how much stuff I manage to take for one day of workshops! It was 1st August, there was no school-run traffic, […]

  • Percussion Play at the Children Trust’s School

    Sarah Stuart and Margaret Archibald were at the Children’s Trust on Monday 23 February before the canteen opened for breakfast, so the bacon sandwiches had to wait! Both were keen to get the large percussion instruments in place for two full days of workshops enabling children and young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties […]

  • Percussion Play

    Percussion Play at Rutherford School Margaret Archibald writes: Rutherford School, under the umbrella of the Garwood Foundation, caters for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Sarah Stuart and I visited on three separate occasions in late January and in early February. At our preliminary visit we spent a morning popping into the children’s classrooms; […]

  • Elm Singers

    John Webber and his Elm Singers shared the platform at St Mary’s Shortlands with Stone Road Single Reeds on Saturday 17 May for a Summer Concert in aid of Everyone Matters. Reverend Morag Finch welcomed us all to her spacious modern church that on this gorgeous summer evening was flooded with both sound and light. […]

  • Our First Blog

    How exciting! Sitting here with Jean starting a blog… Everyone Matters is passionate about bringing music to people who can’t get out to hear it or to play it themselves. We visit nursing homes, schools for children with special needs, day centres, etc. We have projects especially devised for groups of all ages, including tots under […]

  • A Pageant of Dance

    A Pageant of Dance   Our links with Priory School started in 2012 when teacher Monika McIvor invited Everyone Matters to provide a short performance for the Post-16 Centre during Arts Week. In response Julia and I tucked an extra concert into our “Mood Music” project that we had already devised for presentation at three […]

  • Texture, touch, tone and timbre

    Texture, touch, tone and timbre Supported by the Lucille Graham Trust, the Red Socks Charitable Trust and the schools Since Christmas Scott Bywater and I have had the privilege of delivering workshops at three schools for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. In January and February we visited Rutherford School in South Croydon and […]

  • Mood Music

    This new project was devised in January 2012 by Margaret Archibald and Julia Desbruslais for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties at Rutherford School. The project is being offered to The School for Profound Education at Tadworth in April, and to St. Nicholas School in Purley in May when the project will be adapted […]