Nov 292015

17 November, 10p.m., and I think it would be fair to say that all three of us in the Shackleton Trio, Lesley Schatzberger, Ingrid Pearson and me (Margaret Archibald) were relieved to have got through our Gala Music Matters evening without squeaks from our dangerously volatile period basset horns! We had revisited the recital programme previously offered to the basset horn convention in Kandern, Germany. Mozart Divertimenti were in pride of place, together with some lollipops from Don Giovanni and Figaro, some trios by  Bohemian contemporary Druschetzky, and pieces from the trios of Mozart’s  fellow freemason  Anton Stadler, himself a player of the basset horn and the pioneer of the basset clarinet. A tiny gem of an Adagio by Abbé Vogler completed the music menu.

Lesley, Margaret and Ingrid (L to R) at the Music Matters Gala, Whitgift House Chapel, 17 November 2015
Lesley, Margaret and Ingrid (L to R) at the Music Matters Gala, Whitgift House Chapel, 17 November 2015

For the food menu, I spent all morning on the day of the Gala in my kitchen, frying Spanish Omelette, baking Red Onion, Fennel and Red Pepper Flan, packing chorizo, almonds, manchego, olives and bread, finding dishes, assembling bottles of wine and Cava, and delegating the fiddly Peach and Bresaola Ham Nibbles to my son Rob who managed with some aplomb to spear the ingredients with cocktail sticks.

Was the music or the tapas the more appreciated? Who can say! I’ll leave the last word to my colleague Ian Mitchell:                                                    “Much enjoyed last night. Bravo! All sounded lovely, and food was ace!”

Nov 162015

Music Matters Gala Night presented by the

Shackleton Trio

Lesley Schatzberger, Ingrid Pearson and Margaret Archibald

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Whitgift House, 76, Brighton Road, South Croydon CR2 6AB

in The Chapel, 7 for 7.30 – 9.30p.m.

Music by Mozart, Stadler, Druschetzky and Abbé Vogler

on Basset Horns of the period

Entry to non-subscription holders: £20

An interval bar will serve refreshments

with Cava, Spanish wines and Tapas

Bar donations help to support our Music Matters series

Finding Whitgift House Chapel

Whitgift House stands in the grounds of Whitgift  School, but with its own gate on Brighton Road. Do not go up the hill to the school. If you are standing on the drive facing the house, you will see to the left of the house a large wrought iron gate leading through into part of the garden. The chapel is accessed by going into the garden through this gate, and then going through the very first door on your left.