May 052019

Music Matters
The last Music Matters of the season was held on the 2nd April. To finish off the season, the Lakeside Quartet performed a thrilling programme of dance music. The Lakeside Quartet is made up of four postgraduate students from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama; Hui Lam Lo, Charlotte Bartley, Clare McEvoy and Julia Raga Pascual.

The music they chose was varied, ranging from the tango to Jewish wedding music. We were all amazed at how tight they were and how well they portrayed the different styles of music. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening. 

The Lakeside Quartet

The Lakeside Quartet

The Lakeside Quartet and Margaret Archibald

The Lakeside Quartet and Margaret Archibald

Music Matters has now finished until September. We would like to thank all the musicians for providing us with such enjoyable and interesting evenings; Whitgift House for letting us use their beautiful chapel; and Margaret for organising the whole series. We look forward to the next series with anticipation!

The Children’s Trust
We had a great day at The Children’s Trust holding workshops for children and young people with brain injuries. Everyone involved had a great day, and although the children were given specific time slots, many stayed after their allotted time to create a rolling day of workshops.

The aftermath of the workshops at The Children's Trust

The aftermath of our workshops at The Children's Trust

The aftermath of our workshops at The Children’s Trust

The children and young adults were helped to play an assortment of percussion instruments, such as the bongos, claves, maracas, egg-shakers and guiros. They also got to pretend to be Morris men as we attached bells to their wrists, which I think everyone loved!

On top of adding some rhythms to music, they could also add Tonic-Dominant harmonies to three Latin-American tunes with the help of combi-bells. These are bells that you can strike, like a desk bell, or shake.

They could listen and play to a range of music, including traditional melodies from north and south America and from the UK.

We would love to thank The Children’s Trust for working with us on this day of music, and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have also had our AGM for the past year. It’s always nice to look back on our year’s work and reflect on our goals to see what we have achieved, and what else we want to work towards. We also welcomed two new trustees, Clare and Chandrika, and myself, Alice, as the social media manager.  We are all pleased to join the team!


Alice Britton

Alice Britton is a former pupil of Margaret’s and has worked with Everyone Matters as a young musician for a few years, helping organise and give concerts with other young musicians in special needs schools and care homes. After learning about all the amazing work Margaret and Everyone Matters does, she wanted to help spread the word and so is now the Social Media Manager for the charity, running the Twitter and Facebook pages, and doing the monthly blog.

Feb 022019

We’ve now had two of our lecture-recitals in our Music Matters series. These are lovely evenings, where we are given an informal lecture about a specific area of music from an expert on that topic. Music, both recordings and live, is also always incorporated into the talk, which makes it so much more of an experience rather than just a talk.

David Juritz gave the first lecture, in which we were brought the music of the tango from South America. Not only did we learn about some of the techniques used in the dance and its musical accompaniment, especially those used on the violin and bandoneon, but we also had extracts played for us, both recordings of music from some of the most of prominent artists and composers of the tango, such as Astor Piazolla, and live performances by David Juritz himself. It was a very immersive and educational audio visual experience, and has definitely inspired me to listen to more tango, as I didn’t know much about it beforehand!

David Juritz giving us a demonstration of some of the techniques used on the violin.

David Juritz giving us a demonstration of some of the techniques used on the violin.

 Our second, with Paul Barritt, was very intriguing, exploring the use of birds and their calls in classical music. Despite the high prevalence of birds in music from cuckoos and nightingales to quails and blackbirds, many of us don’t realise they’re there. So now we know they are, and what to listen out for, we’ll be hearing the birds in all the music we listen to! This lecture-recital was a follow on concert, after a trip to the Surbiton Club for the Blind. The concert there went down a treat as well. We provided them with entertainment they don’t normally get, but as one resident said, it was ‘very illuminating and enjoyable’ which I think is a rather nice complement!

Paul Barritt enlightened us to the music of birds in classical music

Paul Barritt enlightened us to the music of birds in classical music

We have also had our ‘Beethoven and Beyond’ concerts, in which we played some great  repertoire, including Beethoven’s Trio Op. 11 and Saint-Saëns’ The Swan, in care homes in Bromley, Croydon and Kingston, with John Flinders on the piano, and Julia Desbruslais on the ‘cello. It’s great to perform music to such a receptive audience that really appreciate the music, and can’t easily access it themselves. One comment from one of the audience members was particularly lovely: ‘Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. For many of us, the music touched different parts within us. Thank you for making it happen for us and for your kindness and thoughtfulness.’ This is why we do what we do here at Everyone Matters – music touches these people in a way words and other actions can’t. 

The coming month looks just as exciting. We are starting the month celebrating Margaret Archibald’s 70th birthday. In honour of this occasion, we are holding a gala for Music Matters, where Margaret herself, Nicoline Kraamwinkel, Martin Smith, Mickey Posner and Julia Desbruslais will perform Weber’s Clarinet Quintet. They are also performing at Whitgift House in the morning, having a chat to all the residents afterwards as well.


Alice Britton

Jan 012014

Margaret Archibald’s 65th birthday
Monday 3 February 2014

Concert photo

More than 150 people turned up to support Margaret, Julia, John and Everyone Matters. It was quite a party! The musicians gave their services, the composers of our two premières donated their works, the refreshments were all gifted, and after paying for the venue hire (less an unexpected special birthday discount) a magnificent sum in excess of £500 was raised for work in special schools, nursing homes, day centres and the wider community.

St Sepulchre without Newgate

Margaret Archibald clarinet
Julia Desbruslais ’cello
John Flinders piano


Première: from Suite“To my Father” Nick Planas
for basset clarinet and piano
Nick’s “Suite”, twenty years in the planning and written in tribute to his father Ted, is played tonight on the first instrument made by Selmer in discussion with Ted after he created his pioneering basset clarinet for Alan Hacker’s legendary Mozart performances.

Sonata in C, Op.119 2nd movement, Sergei Prokofiev
for ‘cello and piano

Première: You Could Hear the Olive Trees Groan Michael Omer

for clarinet and piano
Michael ‘s new work, especially written for the occasion, is inspired by themes of re-growth and re-birth, and in particular by a lithograph by Colorado Springs artist Richard Mello; it pictures a gnarled olive tree that has endured all kinds of weather and survived.

Trio in A minor, Op.114 Johannes Brahms
for clarinet, ’cello and piano
Enquiries regarding Everyone Matters to Margaret Archibald: 020 8464 1645; 07970 123105;

Profits from this event went to Everyone Matters for its concerts and music-making workshops in special schools, nursing homes and day centres.

Jan 092013

Mozart, Mellow Jazz and Metal at The Green Dragon

Perhaps it should be expected that an organisation calling itself “Everyone Matters” should embrace a wide range of musical tastes. This was certainly the case at our fundraiser on Saturday 15 December when we took over the room upstairs at the Green Dragon pub in Croydon’s High Street. It has to be said that some of our audience flowed to and fro between the downstairs bar and the upstairs music venue as the night progressed from classical elegance through mellow jazz to heavy metal and the decibel level increased steadily. The raffle was popular with some great prizes including several donated by Lush of Croydon and by Time Bomb to add to those generously contributed by our trustees who did a magnificent job twisting arms in the sale of the ubiquitous cloakroom tickets.

The evening started promptly at 7.30 with Mozart’s sublime Quintet for clarinet and strings, followed by the “circus music” finale of Weber’s Quintet in which Margaret Archibald was joined by Nicoline Kraamwinkel, Janice Gillard, Mickey Posner and Julia Desbruslais. After much shuffling of gear, including setting up of amps and shifting a mightily heavy keyboard into place, Jazz & Dave treated everyone to a string of old favourites including The Girl from Ipanema, All of Me and, in tribute to Dave Brubeck who passed on to the jazz band in the sky in early December, Take Five. The line-up included on keyboard Rob Archibald, Margaret’s son and a huge supporter of Everyone Matters, with James Wilde on guitar,  Simon Fitzpatrick on double bass doubling bass guitar and Sam Rhodes on drums. After another pause for further shuffling and distribution of earplugs to those experienced in such events (by no means a reflection on the quality of the music!!) the audience joined in head-banging with Profane and the Sacred, a Southern-tinged metal group of blood and thunder who had most generously leapt into the breach at less than twenty-four hours notice when a member of the previously advertised headline band suffered a disastrous kitchen injury that put paid to any playing in the short term.

The serious business of the evening was to raise funds for our work with children at The Children’s Trust in Tadworth where we are currently engaged in delivering a project to explore textures in a quest to make and perform on simple percussion instruments. The project is about to start in January at The Surrey Teaching Centre and we hope to raise sufficient funds also to deliver it at The School for Profound Education where we presented “Mood Music” last year. Thanks to the generosity of Esther, Manager of the Green Dragon and a wonderful hostess for our event, we raised £255 on the night from bucket donations and the raffle and further donations are arriving from those who would have liked to join us but were unable to do so. Above all thanks are due to Laura Allen, whose idea it was to hold this event, who booked the bands, designed the poster, liaised with local businesses and got the news out there via Twitter and Facebook, altogether a noble effort.


Dec 102012

We are holding our Christmas Fundraiser this Saturday and we’d love to see you there!

With music from all genres, there is something for everyone!

Celebrations kick off at 7:30pm on Saturday 15th December at the wonderful Green Dragon Pub in Croydon ( . Entrance is a donation of £2.00, and you will be getting a lot of BANG for your BUCK.

See you on Saturday!


Saturday 15th December 2012